Insurance Young Guns | Insurance Young Guns
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Insurance Young Guns

The Insurance Young Guns (IYG) has become a buzzword within the insurance industry over the last year, with a growing base of energetic members that drive the organisation forward. But what is this movement, you may ask? Where did it come from?

In short, the movement was born of a realisation that there was no tangible platform for young, ambitious talent in the South African insurance industry to meet and network, furthering their personal connections and sharing their knowledge. While other organisations exist in the market to cater for these goals, the IYG stands alone as a youth-focused movement. A movement which, in its short year of existence, has already proven to foster relationships between competing insurers and brokerages, encouraging a free-flow of knowledge and expertise.

The IYG itself began with AON, who brought the concept of an ‘under-35 networking group’ from their offices in the UK. Partnering shortly thereafter with AIG, the movement was expanded from an ‘AON-only’ concept into an undertaking that could encompass the whole of the South African insurance market. Today, there are eight of the biggest players in the market who are committed to the cause. The result is a truly metropolitan gathering of insurers and brokers, developing relationships that would otherwise not have had the opportunity to flourish.

However, the goal of the IYG is not simply to create a networking platform, but to establish an organisation that accelerates individual member careers and overall industry development. To do this, the IYG places a strong emphasis on education with the intent to attract, retain and nurture talent within the industry. Lastly, our philanthropic aspect aims to help better our communities – proving that insurance is not just a moneymaking industry, but one which deeply cares about our country and well-being of our fellow citizens. 

Since the informal inception in November 2016, the IYG has grown in leaps and bounds. It is now a formally registered NPO, with a council and representatives from each of the member companies. The organisation, with the support of the respective host companies, has also successfully hosted six Young Gun events, catering for around 250 members. We have also partnered with RISKAFRICA as our official media partners, greatly expanding our sphere of influence and spreading the word that the IYG is no ‘flash-in-the-pan’, but an organisation that is here to stay.

Together, RISKAFRICA and the IYG hope to provide a platform for the young movers and shakers within the industry to develop skills and relationships that will aid them throughout their years in the industry.

In short, the IYG was born of a gap in the South African insurance market – a recognition that there was a wide range of young and ambitious individuals who would one day be the future of the industry but who were otherwise divided and isolated. The IYG has begun to bridge this gap, providing a framework for interindustry skills development and relationship growth.