Insurance Young Guns | IYG Mentorship Programme 2018
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IYG Mentorship Programme 2018





Personal development is the driver for the Insurance Young Guns (IYG) Mentorship Programme and is the shared objective for both the mentor and the mentee. Both parties will aim to share knowledge and engage outside of their immediate spheres. The IYG Mentorship Programme is a platform to springboard your personal development through meaningful and confidential sessions.

Programme structure

  • As a minimum, we envisage 6 pairs or 12 keen individuals.
  • The application is open to anyone who can commit and see the value in this offering.
  • The programme period will be a minimum of six months with the aim that relationships will be infinite in the long run.


The intention is that there is that the programme will transcend boundaries with regard to education, background, organisation, age and whether you’re a broker or insurer.


Although the IYG Council is facilitating the programme and is there in a fully supportive role, it is not the intention that the IYG will police the programme. Individuals who sign up must be willing and committed to driving their own success; the IYG will put building blocks in place to assist in achieving the desired results. As an example, it is expected that individuals commit two to four hours every month to the programme or minimum one session a month.

Throughout the process, if there are any issues at all, the IYG Council is available to assist wherever necessary. You can hold us to that!


The application will be available for completion via the IYG website and will be separate for mentor and mentee. Some questions, however, will be the same.

As this is a form of peer-to-peer mentoring, the mentor will need a strong personality and need to be experienced to take on the role of assisting in professional development and subject matter expertise.


Upon application both parties, especially the mentee, should come with two or three clear objectives (not expectations) they wish to achieve through the programme. These can develop with your mentor but need to be meaningful. Remember, being meaningful means something different to different people.



The application is not designed to be daunting. It is so that the IYG can get a feel for the individual and what they are looking to get out of the process.

  • Have you been a mentor/mentee before?
  • How old are you?
  • List some of your hobbies or interests away from work.
  • Where do you live and work?
  • How long have you been in the industry and what is your sector of expertise?
  • Can you afford to spend a minimum of two to four hours a month committing to this programme?
  • How can you beneficially contribute to the programme/individual you are paired with?
  • Document two or three objectives (not expectations) of mentors/mentees.



First Session

The IYG will host the first group session on, Monday 19th March 2018.

This will take the form of a small networking session, where we will take selected mentors and mentees through the programme objectives and the minimum requirements. In this way, mentors and mentees can meet with each other on the programme, share ideas or concerns, as well as facilitate a question and answer section.



Each pair will have to meet or converse at least once a month and formally document the experience on both sides.


IYG Events

Successful applicants must attend a minimum of four IYG events in 2018.


The IYG Mentorship Programme 2018 Team Challenge

There will be a competitive task – with prizes up for grabs for the winning Mentor-Mentee pair. The details will be revealed soon!


The IYG Mentorship Programme 2018 Calendar

This will be provided to successful applicants. There will be other activities, workshops and events during the year.

The IYG Council will be checking in with Mentors and Mentees respectively to obtain updates on their experience in the programme. The IYG will also provide support and advice away from your mentor/mentee and ensure that the regular sessions are leading the way to a successful outcome.

At the end of the year, a survey and interviews will be conducted with Mentees and Mentors so that we can gauge the success of the programme and obtain information which can be used to expand and improve the programme.



Applications close on Friday 9th March and thereafter the IYG Council will review applications and communicate to the chosen individuals if they have been successful.


The official launch of the IYG Mentorship Programme 2018 will commence on Monday 19th March.

Start considering your objectives and what you would like to achieve from this programme. Remember, you must create and drive your own success. So the more you put into your application, the more you can expect to get out of it. Good luck!

If there are any questions, please direct them to Verity Lyndon-Stanford, details as follows:


Phone: +27 (0)64 995 2199