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Insurance Young Guns (IYG) is an inclusive and vibrant forum aimed at providing opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer education to insurance professionals who are under the age of 35 wishing to accelerate their career growth with the aim to foster industry development.


IYG started at the end of 2016 with a collection of 11 insurance-based companies who recognised the value in launching this initiative. The forum has grown rapidly and is now registered as an NPO with an elected council. From 1 January 2018, the IYG Council launched the Insurance Young Guns with an official membership base.














Anyone who is under 35 and is a young professional in the South African short-term insurance industry.







Insurance Young Guns member events offer you a platform to meet, communicate, build relationships and network at all levels with people in our industry. With a number of events each year, try to get in via your company representative!


Also stay connected by following our webpage 


Want to step up your game? Liaise with the IYG Councillors to discuss the opportunity of you becoming your new company representative for IYG. We’ll have IYG Rep catch-ups to get to know each other, share best practices, keep everyone in the loop of IYG’s progress and, last but not least, have a forum for IYG Reps to provide feedback to the council. The more feedback the council receives, the better the initiative and the events we organise!





We want to give rising talent a chance to showcase themselves to their peers as well as already established members of the insurance industry and for this reason we have partnered up with RISKAFRICA. Keen to publish your insurance article? Get in touch via our webpage www.


As an IYG member, you will also stand a chance to feature as a “Young Gunner of the Month” in RISKAFRICA Magazine. A member will be selected based on performance and special contribution to the South African insurance industry.


Also look out for our mentorship programme where you can pair up with another IYG member in the industry to share experience and network as well as establishing a unique business relationship. Please note we will have a limited number of mentors so the IYG Council will choose participants based on their applications.





We want to assist you with training:

As an IYG member you will receive discounts for all RISKAfrica events.
You will receive a FREE subscription to the RISKAFRICA digital magazine.
• Earn CPD points at IYG Events with CPD accreditation.
• You will be notified of external learning opportunities and events throughout the year. In some instances, access to these opportunities will be exclusive to IYG Members.





We have launched the tradition of linking a charity to each of our IYG member events. The intent is to always ask for small, voluntary financial donations of all participants and the outcome of those collections will go to nominated charities.


Previous charities have been:


Growing Champions – helps underprivileged children with tutoring
Johannesburg Dream Center – among others, assists underprivileged youth with creating professional CVs
Doctors Without Borders’s projects in South Africa
Giving Wings Youth Development Programme – equips learners with the requisite communication skills and other necessary life skills in preparation for the working world





Membership period runs from January to December 2018. 

Please note membership cannot be renewed the year after members turn 35. 

Individual membership: 

R300 per person

Corporate membership: 

Companies are welcome to pay for group memberships for their employees. If a Company is also a Sponsor, then the Company qualifies for a discount.

See the table for clarity.




Non Sponsor company Sponsor company Sponsor company
Bands Max persons per band Price Discount Price
20 – 40 40 12,000.00 15.00% 10,200.00
40 – 60 60 18,000.00 17.50% 14,850.00
60 – 100 100 30,000.00 20.00% 24,000.00
100 – 150 150 45,000.00 22.50% 34,875.00
150 – 200 200 60,000.00 25.00% 45,000.00
200 – 250 250 75,000.00 30.00% 52,500.00
250 – 300 300 90,000.00 32.50% 60,750.00